Saturday, August 3, 2013

2010 Upper Deck - Revisited

I recently pulled an 18-card pack of 2010 Upper Deck from a repack. This not a set that I particularly liked but it had it's moments.

There's a lot not to like about this set.

A lot of the cards are printed a tad too dark. Based on the the lighting on the background, I'd say this was a day game but it looks like a night game with half the stadium lights out.

The card backs are pretty uninspiring. Way to much white space.

The horrible green color used across the bottom of the cards (and continued on the back) added to a general drabness to the cards.

And of course, since Upper Deck didn't have a license from Major League Baseball, they could only use photos where the team logo was, at least, partially obscured. They didn't, however, do a good enough job obscuring logos. Is there any doubt Chavez is in a Pirates uniform? That got them sued and caused the other major failing of this set, only half of it was published. I imagine there is a warehouse somewhere full of 2010 Upper Deck Series 2, although it's probably all been run through the shredder by now.

On the other hand, there was still some pretty good photography. 

One more thing. This was the last mass produced card set featuring full-bleed printing. I think that Topps could up the quality of their offerings if they put out a new full-bleed set. Perhaps make another attempt at bringing back Stadium Club. If they have to drop a set, drop Gypsy Queen.

The pack had one of the Biography cards, which, I think every pack had.

I think this was a good idea for an insert but like a number of good ideas Upper Deck had in the last few years, the concept was good but the execution was poor. Is this a photo of Dunn actually hitting his 300th home run? I'd say, based on other cards I have from this set, probably not. At least the July 4th game was a home game for the Nats.

I liked the retro-flavored "Portraits" insert.

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