Monday, October 29, 2012

Random Cards From My Collection #30

Card # 31637: 1991 Donruss #483 Mike Scott
1991 was the last year for this basic design from Donruss. They'd been doing this for years with the oddball front borders and the plain stats on the back.

Card # 3104: 2002 Upper Deck MVP #260 Randy Wolf
A largely forgettable set from the early 2000s.

Card #27505: 1995 Donruss #483 Todd Zeile
One of my favorite sets from the mid-1990s. Good photography, nice glossy full-bleed printing front and back and a nicely designed stat box.

Card # 18594: 2001 Topps #785
The gold-foil 50th anniversary logo really popped on this set.

Card #4964: 2005 Topps Heritage #50 Jim Thome

Card #9499: 1985 Topps #763 Kiko Garcia
1985 - the year I started collecting baseball cards.

Card #32197: 2012 Topps Heritage #234 Alejandro De Aza

Card #20106: 1990 Leaf #52 Von Hayes
Donruss' entry in the new (at the time) category of premium baseball cards.

Card #16885: 2009 Topps Chrome World Baseball Classic #31 Shunsuke Watanabe
He's 44-47 in 6 years with the Cibba Lotta Marines in Japan. At 36, I don't expect we'll see him drafted by an American team.

Card #14772: 2010 Topps Heritage #270 Vin Mazzaro

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