Friday, October 5, 2012

1992 Pinnacle Rookies

Here's another 1990's Pinnacle set with all the 1990's goodies, except for a great checklist. The players are a mix of flame-outs and players that had long, but not necessarily, flashy careers. I got the whole set, in an unopened box back in February.

Luis Mercedes - Free agent signing by the Orioles in 1987. 3-year career with O's and Giants, 70 ABs, .190 career average.

Scott Cooper - 3rd round pick by Red Sox in 1986. Played for 7 years, 5 with the Red Sox. He was a 2-time All-Star

Pat Listach
Certainly a good choice for this set, he was the 1992 AL Rookie of the year. But in another 5 years he never had a year nearly as good as his first.

Kenny Lofton
Although he was a 17th-round draft pick in 1988, he is one the best players (with Alou) in the set, Lofton was runner-up for the 1992 AL ROY Award. Probably a Hall of Fame player. He had a 17-year career with a career batting average of .299 with 622 stolen bases (15th on career list). 6-time All-Star, 4 Gold Gloves and 95 games played in post season.

John Doherty - 19th round pick by the Tigers in 1989. In 5-years he had a winning record, 32-31 with 9 saves.

Andy Stankiewicz - although only a 12th-round pick in 1986, I remember him being a well regarded rookie in 1992. Never really a full-time player, he compiled a .242 average in 7 years.

Derek Bell
2nd-round pick by the Blue Jays in 1987, he had an 11-year career with a .276 career average and 134 home runs.

Gary DiSarcina - solid if unspectacular player. Played his entire 12-year career with the Angels.

Roberto Hernandez
1st round pick by the Angels in 1986, I guess he has a shot at the Hall. He played for a lot of teams in a 17-year career where he picked up 326 saves (13th on all-time list).

Joel Johnson - 3-5 record with 2 saves in 5 years, I never heard of him.

Pat Mahomes - 6th round pick by the Twins in 1988. I'm not too familiar with him but he managed to have a winning record (42-39) in 11 years.

Todd Van Poppel - Another pick rookie sensation in 1992 as he was the A's 1st-round pick in 1009. I'm not too impressed by a 40-52 record over 11 seasons.

 Dave Fleming - Another short-timer (5 years) but a workhorse, appearing in 116 games with a 38-32 record.

Monty Fariss - Rangers #1 pick in 1988, washed out in 3 years.

Gary Scott - Who? 67 games in 2 years with a .160 BA.

Moises Alou
Another guy I have to say has a shot at the Hall. He was the 1st round pick by the Pirates in 1986. In a 17-year career he hit .303 with 332 home runs. He was a 6-time All-Star and win a World Series title with the 1997 Marlins.

Todd Hundley - The Mets 2nd-round pick in 1987. 202 home runs and a .234 BA in 14 years. Tarred with the steroid brush in the Mitchell report.

Kim Batiste
The only Phillie in the set, he was the Phillies 3rd-round pick in 1987. He never became anything more than a part-time player in a 5-year career.

Denny Neagle - he had a 13-year career with a 124-92 record. Impressive to me but apparently not to the Hall of Fame nominating committee.

Donovan Osborne - another 1st-round pick, this time by the Cardinals in 1990. Compiled a 49-46 record in 7 years. 

Mark Wohlers
A big part of the Braves organization in the 1990s, he compiled a 39-29 record with 119 saves and a 3.97 ERA.

Reggie Sanders
Another pretty good player who will become eligible for the Hall this year. He had a 17-year career with 305 home runs, 304 stolen bases and a .267 batting average.

Brian Williams - 1st round pick by the Astros in 1990. 26-38 with 6 saves in 9 seasons.

Eric Karros

Karros was the 1992 NL Rookie of the Year. He was the Dodgers 6th-round pick in 1988. He had a 14-year career, mostly with the Dodgers, hitting 284 home runs and a career .268 BA. Good but not good enough for the Hall.

Frank Seminara - 12-9 in 3 years.

Royce Clayton
Another 1st round pick (Giants in 1988) and another 17-year man. Solid player but no Hall for him.

 Dave Nilsson - 8 years with the Brewers, toiling in obscurity.

Matt Stairs - He was a free agent signed by the Expos and went on to a 19-year career, the last of the players in the set to retire. He hit 265 home runs and had a career BA of .262. He was with the Phillies World Series teams of 2008 and 2009.

Chad Curtis - a 10-year, average career.

Carlos A. Hernandez - Another 10-year player but who only appeared in 488 games in that stretch.


Fuji said...

Nice looking set... love the design. Too bad there weren't one or two future hall of famers to help carry it a little more.

Backstop Cards said...

I remember getting a TON of Donovan Osborne cards and wondering if he would ever be any good.

Love the '92 Pinnacle set, but never saw any of the other mini sets that the issued in '92