Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Cards From My Collection #29

Trying to kick-start the blog here. This is an easy post to make.

Card #28961
2011 Topps All-Star Set #NL4 Cliff Lee
 This was a set Topps sold in a blister pack featuring All-Stars from the 2010 season. I got this in May of 2011. I didn't see this set in 2012.

Card #18517
2004 Bazooka #119 Scott Rolen

Topps revived the Bazooka brand in the mid-2000s but I guess it didn't catch on. I always liked this set.

Card #19943
2010 Topps 206 #149 Scott Kazmir

And why shouldn't an Angel have some sort of halo?

Card #22378
2004 Donruss Team Heroes #327 Steve Carlton
Another 2004 issue featuring a Red, White and Blue color scheme.

Card #34080
1991 Fleer #500 Ken Caminiti
The infamous Fleer Yellow set. These cards are difficult to scan and have the yellow color come out right. The back always comes out too orange.

Card #26211
2005 Zenith Z-Bats #ZB-35 Roy Oswalt
I've never understood bat relic cards for pitchers. But I like this card anyway.

Card #22403
2004 Donruss #326 Kevin Millwood
After compiling a 57-45 record in 6 years with the Braves, he was signed to a big 2-year contract with the Phillies. He was 23-18 in 2003-2004 with the Phillies for $20MM.

Card #507
1989 Score Young Superstars II #5 Paul O'Neill
O'Neill had a 17-year-career with the Reds and Yankees ending in 2001. In his 5th season, Score still considered him a young superstar. What a jaw line!

Card #32738
2012 Gypsy Queen #263 Eddie Murray
I thought that the 2012 version of Gypsy Queen was nicer than the 2011 version. But I'm wondering how many retro-sets Topps needs.

Card #10176
2008 Upper Deck Star Quest #11 Carlos Lee

I detested these Star Quest cards in every version they came in.

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