Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trade with the Night Owl

This is the second annual trade of my Dodgers for the Night Owl's Astros. Although not officially part of my mid-summer clearance, it is part of the same reasoning: to turn cards I don't really care about into cards I actually want. Night Owl mentioned some of the cards I sent him here. This year he sent me some bonus Phillies (my other team) and I sent him some bonus Angels (purely by accident). Of the cards he sent me, I needed more than half of them. I'm quite satisfied.

First off some Astros. Here are three Roy Oswalts. Roy has gone to a better place (the Phillies). I'll probably be trying to get all of his last Astros cards. This helps.This next card also features another ex-long time Astro, Lance Berkman. Lance is with the Yankees now, nursing a sprained ankle. Maybe he and Roy will face each other in the World Series this year.
I'm not a real big fan of these Topps Attax cards but if they've got Astros or Phillies on them, got to have 'em.
This next is now the only Topps Gold card of the Astros I have. He also sent me the regular version of this card, which I also didn't have.
Now some Phillies.

For whatever reason, I almost never buy Topps Finest cards. This card is from the 2004 set. All I had from this set was one of the base auto cards, and a Finest Relic of Jim Thome, both of which I bought on eBay. So not only is this a Phillies card I didn't have but it's a reference card I didn't have. Right into the reference card binder it goes.
I found 8 Phillies cards from the 1990's in the package. I currently own 2,433 different 1990's vintage Phillies cards. What are the odds that of 8 random Phillies cards from the 1990s I would need any of them? Pretty good in fact. I needed 4 of the cards he sent. I think this is a good illustration of how many different types of cards were produced in the '90s.

This first card is a 1998 Bowman's Best Randy Wolf card. I had no Phillies cards from this set.
And this is a 1998 Bowman Chrome of Randy Wolf, only the second Phillie from the set I have.
This is from the 1999 Upper Deck Ovation set. I only had 5 cards from this set, including one Phillie, Scott Rolen. These cards were expensive for the day, a 5-card pack cost $4. The cards were textured to feel like a baseball, complete with embossed stitches. It doesn't scan well. The Ovation name and the player's name are in silver foil at the bottom.
And finally, another card that I had none of. This is a 1991 US Playing Card All-Stars. I have some random cards from other years in the eary '90s of these but hadn't any of the 1991 set.
All in all, a very satisfying package of baseball cards.

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night owl said...

Glad I snuck a few in there for you. That's what our trade is all about! Get ready for the 2011 version!