Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2007 Topps Turkey Red

The other day I was in Target looking in their discount single pack box. Usually there is nothing there of interest but this day there were 16 packs of 2007 Topps Turkey Red for $1.59 a pack. So I bought them all. Although I'm not a set collector, I don't mind completing a set now and then. I had 142 of the 200 base cards for the set and I just picked up 128 cards. What are the odds I'd find every card I needed. It turns out the odds weren't good. Of the 58 cards I needed, I got 9. Only 9. I did pick up the Ryan Howard short print so there was some consolation. As I was looking over the cards I was struck by some of the odd backgrounds. One thing I'll say about this set is that most of the cards have a unique background. There are a few duplicates but not many that I have. Here are some of the oddest.It's hard to say why the lower sky in the background is a lurid purple. Or is it pink?
Here's Joe Mauer taking practice swings in a baseball field apparently laid out in a cow pasture.
Smokestacks are a common theme. Look at the huge stack right behind the bleachers puffing away.
This background features multiple smokestacks and a polluted looking sky. Manny should probably be wearing a mask.
Just a single stack but notice how yellow the sky is to the left of the stack. That doesn't look healthy. This is one of the few backgrounds I saw repeated. The Jeff Kent card has the same.
Nike Marakais taking a practice swing while the apocalypse is happening behind him.
Another smokestack with a lurid colored sky. Also looks like a 3-mile Island cooling tower back there.
Tejada waits for a pitch somewhere on the base paths while the town burns down behind the outfield fence.
Many of the cards have American flags in the background. This also has a nice hillside for the fans to view the game.
Not even the Mick is immune to the stacks. At least it's a beautiful blue sky. For how long though?
I can't even begin to guess. A fire at the dye factory?
Sunsets are a popular theme as well. But what is that in the background? A roller coaster? An elevated train? A bridge?

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Hackenbush said...

Interesting about the smokestacks. I actually think they're kind of "period" and cool. I'm also a fan of the bright saturated colors. Taking a look, I have a little less than half the set. Maybe I should go to Target this week.