Friday, August 20, 2010

Player Spotlight - Dave Martinez

A new feature at Capewood's Collections, random players who strike my fancy. The spotlight today is on Dave Martinez.Dave Martinez is the kind of baseball player who doesn't get the big headlines or the big contracts but where would baseball be without guys like him? Dave played in the major leagues for 16 years and for 9 different teams. You don't last that long because you're terrible. He has a lifetime batting average of .276 with 91 home runs and 183 stolen bases. He was a competent outfielder and 1st baseman. He averaged 120 games per year. He was a guy that you could run out there everyday and be sure you'd get a good job. He's been a bench coach for the Rays since 2007. Since the Rays are currently one of the best teams in baseball, you have to be happy for the guy.

What struck my fancy? In 2000, the year before he retired, he appeared in 114 games and hit .285. A typical year for him. What was not typical however, is that he played for 4 teams in 2000. That is a rare feat.

He started the season with the Devil Rays. In May, the Rays traded him to the Cubs. The Cubs turned around in July and traded him to the Rangers. The Rangers traded him to the Blue Jays in August. And to top it off, he signed with the Braves in December, so he was under contract to 5 different teams in 2000.

I have cards for him with 7 of his teams but the rest are buried away.

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