Thursday, May 27, 2010

National Chicle Phillies?

I'm still liking the National Chicle Baseball but there sure are some puzzling things about it.

I already posted this card of Ryne Sandberg in a Phillies uniform. For most people when you say Sandberg, they think Cubs. After all, he played 15 seasons for the Cubs and 13 games for the Phillies at the very start of his career.What about this following card? I'd hazard a guess if you said Jimmy Foxx to most people, they'd say, ah, he was a baseball player a long time ago. He's not a player I think about often even though he played 11 years in Philadelphia, but for the A's. His last game for the A's was in 1935. Late in his career, he played one season for the Phillies, in 1945. By the way, Foxx died in 1967. He was only 50 years old. According to Wikipedia he choked to death on a piece of meat.
Then we have this card. Gaze upon it.
That's right, an emaciated Ryan Howard in an A's uniform. Why?

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Spiff said...

Maybe the Philadelphia A's? Only guess I can come up with.