Monday, May 3, 2010

National Chicle Phillies

I bought 4 packs of Toops National Chicle at the baseball card shop last Friday. I think I like these cards. I didn't get a single Phillie or Astro. I was thinking of buying a hobby box on eBay but decided to try for team sets instead. I managed to score the 12-card Phillies and 7-card Astros set for not a lot of dough. Here are the Phillies.

Rual Ibanez #12One thing I like is that the paintings are by different artists so there is quite a varied look to the set. This card is by Chris Henderson.

#21 J. A Happ
This painting is by Ken Branch and the style is way different than the Ibanez card. I like Happ but I wish they'd included Jamie Moyer instead. Did you see his bases loaded walk on Sunday night that started the unraveling of Johan Santana?

#23 Shane Victorino
Painting by Dave Hobrecht. After Moyer walked, Victorino hit a grand slam to complete Santana's undoing.

#31 Jayson Werth
Another card by Hobrecht.

#37 Ryan Howard
Another painting by Ken Branch. There is a short-print Howard card, in, of all things, an A's uniform. I've won an auction for that card but haven't received it yet.

#92 Cole Hamels
This card was also painted by Branch. The Happ and Howard cards are similar but the style of this card is different.

#122 Roy Halladay
Painting by Paul Lempa. Reminds me of the Turkey Red backgrounds. My first 2010 Halladay as a Phillie card.

#157 Jimmy Rollins
A completely different style by Mike Kupka. I have a couple of others by him with the same theme.

#191 Chase Utley
This painting by Brian Kong reminds me a bit of the Ibanez card above.

#225 Mike Schmidt
As is usually the case in these 'retro' sets, a lot of veterans show up. The Phillies may not be one of the most successful baseball franchises but at least they have some great players in their past. Another card by Kong.

#251 Richie Ashburn
Another Phillie great from the past. I never saw him play but loved his play-by-play on the Phillies broadcasts. This painting by Don Higgins.

#253 Ryne Sandberg
Well, Sandberg was a great player but he only had 6 at bats for the Phillies in 1981. The painting is by Monty Sheldon. There is a second Sandberg card in this set, #297. I'm guessing he's pictured as a Cub on that one. Since Sandberg only had 6 at bats as a Phillie, photos of him batting in a Phillie must be pretty rare. So it wouldn't surprise me if this photo was lifted from another baseball card. There weren't many baseball cards with Sandberg as a Phillie either. I only know of two, a 1994 Topps Traded card and this one.

2005 Upper Deck Classics Star Retro Rookie #125
Look familiar?


Wrigley Wax said...

Re: Sandberg....he's in a Phillies uniform in the second cards too.

capewood said...

Thanks. That doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't make any sense. It was cool once, but it seems like every new Sandberg card that comes out is a Phillies card now.

By the way, you mention 1994 Topps Traded. Do you have a scan of that? I can't find it on the internet, and don't remember any cards of Ryno on the Phils that old.

Anonymous said...

Disregard, I did some more digging and found it...

Anonymous said...

I have a topps 2009 shortprint card with the same picture as well!