Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Topps Photoshoping Adventures

I like this year's Topps cards quite a lot. I think they are much better than 2010 Upper Deck. But Topps is up to their old Photoshopping ways again. I've only bought a few packs of Topps Opening Day. One of the first cards was this Curtis Granderson card. My first though was that I didn't remember him being with the Yankees last year. He ended up in New York after a three-way trade involving the Yankees, Tigers and Diamondbacks.Here's his regular Topps card as a Tiger.
Here's another example with John Lackey. He was a fre agent signed by the Red Sox (a cool $82 mil for 5 years) in December.

Last year he was with the Angels. They did a pretty good job with the Red Sox uniform. You can even see a little a Red Sox patch on his right sleeve.Does this sort of thing bother you? It doesn't bother me. Topps, after all, has a long tradition of doing this sort of thing but today they are much better at it. I think it's fun to find cards like this.


Steve78 said...

Those are pretty good. I just checked out the Heritage versions, as well. They're not too bad either. For the Heritage, though, they should go back to the tried and true air brush.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd rather see press conference photos or obviously airbrushed closeups, but I don't mind the digital manipulation if there isn't time to get real game shots.