Monday, April 12, 2010

1989 Topps Cecilio Guante

Normally, I wouldn't get too excited over a card like this:

1989 Topps #766 Cecilio GuanteAnd it fact I'm not all that excited, but this is the last card I needed to complete the entire 1989 Topps set.

I buy one those Fairfield repacks every few months or so. You know the ones I'm talking about. They come in a plastic box with a label something like this.

You usually get more cards then it says.

The last 3 or 4 of these that I bought had a large number of 1989 Topps cards, in unopened jumbo packs. Topps must have printed a billion of these. I noticed a few months ago, as I was cataloging what I got in the box, that I only needed one card for the whole set. I'm not really a set collector and I'm not overly fond of this set, but here I was about the complete the set without even trying. In 2008, when I started this blog, I was trying to complete the 1987 Topps set because I really like it. I'd gotten close with cards from repacks. Then a bunch of fellow bloggers helped me out.

I bought another of these last week (which had about 350 cards in it) and, as usual, there were a bunch of 1989 Topps. There were at least 60 of them. And in among them was the elusive Cecilio Guante.

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night owl said...

You completed the set even though you aren't a set collector and weren't trying to complete it.

That says a lot about how many '89 Topps are out there.