Friday, April 9, 2010

Quest for 1998 - Part 8 Donruss Inserts

In 1998, the Donruss set had a lot going on. There were 2 full parallel sets (Gold and Silver Proofs) and 17 different inserts. Many of the inserts were serial numbered. Donruss went bankrupt after this year, not to return until 2001. Here's what I've just picked up on eBay.

1998 Donruss Rated Rookies #20 Nomar GarciaparraThis was a 30-card set. Nomar is the top card in the set. Although not serial numbered there is a parallel to this set called Medalist which are numbered to 250.

1998 Donruss Production Line #13 Jim Thome
Each of the 20 cards in this set featured a different stat. Each card was serial numbered to a different number depending on what player was on the card and what his particular stat was. This card features Power Index. Thome's Power Index was 1.001, so this card is numbered to 1,001. Production Line was an annual insert when the set returned in 2001 but this was the first time they tried the concept. The card features a holographic foil background and is quite attractive.

1998 Donruss FANtasy Team #6
A 20-card insert, numbered to 2,000. The twenty players were voted by fans on the Internet into this set. The Fan Club logo will reappear in a set called Donruss Best of Fan Club in 2002.

Donruss Longball Leaders #3 Tino Martinez
This insert set was numbered to 5,000. Longball Leaders was an insert set in Donruss going back to 1993. It will return in 2002 and run through 2005 when Donruss disappeared again. This card has a textured foil background that looks a lot better in person then in the scan.

1998 Donruss Rookie Diamond Kings #11 Todd Green
Numbered to 10,000. Apparently not an impressive group of rookies as Beckett does not list any of the cards individually. There was also a "Canvass" version, numbered to 500.

1998 Donruss Dominators #4 Jeff Bagwell
This 30-card insert was found only in update packs. It is another long-running Donruss insert set.

Of the 19 inserts to this set, I now have 11. The rest have relatively short press runs and are not worth chasing at this time.

In my quest to obtain 200 different types of cards issued in 1998, I now had 192. It looks like 200 shouldn't be a problem.

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