Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Night at the Movies - Kick Ass

As those of you more hip than I am know, this movie is based on a comic book of the same name. I haven't clue as to how well the movie follows the comic books but I hear that the comic is violent and profane. So is the movie.Not to say that it wasn't entertaining. It is. It's by no means a perfect movie. It bounces from being a teen-age romantic comedy to a campy farce to an ultra-violent bloodbath and back again, somewhat disconcertingly. It doesn't miss too many origin story cliches (although that is part of the point, I think). I would not take the whole family to see this, unless you've got a family of serial killers who swear like sailors. It has a well deserved R rating. The trailers and TV ads are misleading, playing up the comedy aspects.

Nicholas Cage plays Big Daddy. It wasn't clear from the trailer I saw that he's even in the movie. There is nothing comedic about his character. Chloe Moretz plays his 11-year old killing machine daughter. Not many laughs from her either. We'll be seeing more of her in the future, I'm sure, although I hope she doesn't turn into the next Lindsey Lohan. The kids are all unknowns (at least to me) and are serviceable as teenagers and provide most of the humor. 20-year-old Aaron Johnson plays the Kick Ass character with the right amount of bravado and terror. He's been acting since he was 11. We'll next see him playing a young John Lennon in a movie called Nowhere Boy.

If you're old enough to get into an R rated movie, I'd say go and see it. If you don't like violence or profanity, take a pass. You've been warned.

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