Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Card Show Finds Part 4 - The Dime Box

One of the dealers at the show had a couple of large boxes with cards for a dime. He had an amazing collection of cards and I ended up buying 50 cards from him. I should have bought more. Here are some of them. I'll have another post with some more later. All of these cards book at well over 10 cents, some of them significantly.

1986 Donruss #53 George BrettMost cards I have of George Brett feature him with a big smile. He's looking rather glum on this card. I wonder why?

1989 Scoremasters #19 Kirby Pucket
1989 Scoremasters #28 Andre Dawson
Scoremasters was a 42-card set published by Score as a boxed set. I had a couple of these and in addition to these two I also picked up Carlton Fisk, Wade Boggs, Tony Gywnn and Roger Clemens from the dime box. I think these are really nice looking cards. They feature paintings of the players. Although in later years paintings of players instead of photos will be common on cards, this was unusual in 1989. Donruss had their Diamond Kings subset and Upper Deck had checklist cards but this is the only set I know of from around that time to feature only paintings.

1995 Leaf Cornerstones #4 Jeff Bagwell/Ken Caminiti
This was s 6-card insert set to 1995 Leaf. The cards featured 1st and 3rd basemen from the same team. Nice refractive foil border.

1997 Donruss Preferred #196 Greg Maddux
National Treasures was a subset of Donruss Preferred. These cards came in a little hinged tin and were pretty expensive, $4.99 for five cards. The tins were collectible featuring a different player on each. I bought one pack of this in 1997, featuring Frank Thomas on the tin.

1997 SPx #17 Frank Thomas
For 1997, this card had everything. A large hologram, foil background, and it was die cut. The back was Dufex printing and had the Upper Deck Hologram.

1999 E-X Century #7 Chipper Jones
One of a few card sets from the late 1990s to be printed on clear plastic. This card is actually a double-ply card. The player photograph is a separate die cut layer on top of the background. These were also pretty expensive. A 3-card pack would set you back $5.99.

1999 Topps Tek #37A Tony Gwynn
Another plastic set. In 1999, Tops Tek featured 32 different designs for each card. Not as bad as the 1998 set which featured 90 designs for each card. In this 1990 set, each player had two cards, A and B, one at home, one away.

1999 Upper Deck #266 Pat Burrell
These Star Rookie subset cards from 1999 Upper Deck are pretty nice.

2000 Upper Deck Pennant Driven #4 Jeff Bagwell
This was a 10-card insert to 2000 Upper Deck. Not a bad looking card, and it's Jeff Bagwell.

2001 Finest All-Stars #9 Vladimir Guerrero
A 10-card insert set, this was a pretty hard pull, being inserted 1 in 40 packs. This card books at $4.00.


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