Monday, February 15, 2010

2009 Bowman Draft Prospects Printing Plate

I think these printing plate 1 of 1 inserts are pretty cool, but since the odds of actually pulling one from a pack are so high, I don't pay much attention to them. I actually did pull one once, a 2006 Fleer Tradition Threads Printing Plate. This was a printing plate for a relic card. I had bought a hobby box of Fleer Tradition that year.

I was poking around on eBay a few weeks ago looking for Phillies cards from the 20o9 Bowman Draft Picks set. I had bought a blaster box and didn't get a single Phillie. There may have only been one Phillie in the set which I found and bought. But in the process of looking I found this:

2009 Bowman Draft Prospects Printing Plates Black #72 Brian MoranI don't see printing plates for sale often and on a whim I decided to bid and got it for the opening bid. With postage, only $6.87. I didn't really pay attention to the player name but when it came I found that I had this:

2009 Bowman Draft Prospects #72 Brian Moran
I guess it's possible that this card was printed with the printing plate I now own. From what little I know about off-set printing, I know that the printing plates don't last forever. Can they get a whole set of cards done with one set of plates? I think this is a pretty good picture.

Even better, I also had this from my blaster:

2009 Bowman Draft Prospects Orange Refractors #72 Brian Moran
It's numbered 5/25 so it's a pretty good pull for a blaster. So I'm glad I bought the plate. I hope I don't feel compelled to find all of Moran's cards from 2009. Probably not.

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