Monday, February 22, 2010

1995 Leaf Great Gloves

This is a nice insert set in 1995 Series 2 Leaf. I recently bought the whole set at my local card shop. I mainly bought it because the top card is a Jeff Bagwell card I didn't have. As it turns out, 14 of the 16 cards are players I collect and I only had one of them, the Ripken. I know that a number of the current collectors who are out there blogging gave up on collecting in the 1990s. Here's something you missed.The cards feature a glossy front and back, no-bleed printing and gold foil on the front, including the player name (in script), the team name and the card logo. One complaint is that the script used for the player name is pretty small and hard to read.
The back features a second photo of the player playing defense. The players 1994 defensive stats are also given with a little blurb about the player's defensive powers.

Roberto Alomar
Barry Bonds
Wade Boggs
Andres Galarraga
Ken Griffey, Jr.
Marquis Grissom
Kenny Lofton
Barry Larkin
Don Mattingly
Greg Maddux
Kirby Puckett
Ozzie Smith
Cal Ripken, Jr.
Matt Williams
Ivan Rodriguez

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Terry said...

Thanks for sharing, nice set!