Friday, September 4, 2009

The Return of Aaron Boone

Aaron Boone was signed by the Astros during the off-season. One of baseball's real nice guys he fit right in with the team during spring training. But then, On March 18, a stunning announcement came that he was going to have to have open-heart surgery to correct a congenital heart defect. I made a post about him here. He had the surgery on March 26 and came through in good shape.Such good shape that less than 6 months after the surgery he was back on the field September 2 in Wrigley Field.
He started the game and went 0-3 but accomplished something no one else in baseball has done. Come back to play after open-heart surgery. I missed the game but got to see him on TV in the dugout tonight as the Astros pummeled Cliff Lee and the Phillies 7-0.

He was in the ballpark a few months after the surgery and did an game-time interview on radio with the Astro's announcers. He said he was feeling good and was determined to play before the end of the season. Guess he was right.

Here's a story about him in the Houston Chronicle.

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