Sunday, September 20, 2009

2001 Bowman Heritage 1948 Bowman Reprints

When I was at my new favorite card store the other week also picked up this set. 13 cards in the set for $1.00. The cards are not real attractive but they are reprints of a set which wasn't real attractive in the first place. Topps made several decisions about this set, some of which I don't understand.

1. The cards are the same size as the originals, 2 1/16 by 2 1/2.
2. has images for all 48 of the cards in the original set. The pictures on the reprint set appear to be cropped differently on some of the cards.
3. The original cards were numbered 1-48. The reprint set carries the original numbers (with one exception) but in the fine print at the bottom of the card the reprints are numbered 1-13.
4. There are 2 cards in the reprint set which appear to have the same number, 4, as in the original set. These are Johnny Mize and Allie Reynolds. In the original set, Allie Reynolds is #14.
5. The cards in the reprint set are in a different order than the original set. So card #1 in the reprint set is #3 in the original and #3 in the reprint set is #47 in the reprints.

So anyway, here are a few of the cards.
Ralph Kiner

Johnny Mize

Johnny Mize with relic
There was also a parallel relic set with pieces of seats from the stadiums the players played in. I already had this Johnny Mize card.

Bobby Thomson

I looked on eBay to see what these cards were going for and I probably got a good deal. On eBay, you'll pay about $1 a piece for these cards.

While I was on eBay I found an autographed version of the Robby Thomson card, which I bought. After I got it I realized that it is not an official Topps Autograph card. There were only 2 autographed 1948 Bowman Reprints issued and neither of them were Bobby Thomson. I had an email out to the seller to see what he says about this. It will probably be the subject of another post next week.

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jacobmrley said...

I am ashamed to say I loved the 1948 set, and I have this entire reprint set; it sits in my bowman book next to a bunch of great longways 1950 bowman cards. I keep meaning to fill the 1949 space I have, I'll get around to it eventually.