Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Night at the Movies - The Proposal

I like Sandra Bullock a lot but, from the trailers we'd seen I wasn't sure about this movie. But I saw some good reviews so we decided to see it.

It turned out to be pretty good. It's not an original story by any stretch of the imagination. Boy meets girl, boy hates girl, impossible and borderline unbelievable situation throws boy and girl together, love grows, love splits them up, love brings them together. It's got Mary Steenburgen as boy's mom (I wish she'd make more movies) and Betty White as boy's grandmother (who steals just about every scene she's in). It also has Aasif Mandiv (from The Daily Show) in a very short but just about perfect scene. There are several laugh out funny scenes and the transformation of the Sandra Bullock character from 'Satan's mistress' to actual love interest is at least believable.

This is a 'date' movie so don't bring the kids. Not that there's anything too objectionable, I just think the kids won't really get it. I recommend it.


Sooz said...

I love Ryan Reynolds. And Sandra Bullock, but Ryan more.

I hate paying money to go see a movie though. lol. Those $10 bucks can get me cards.

hanum said...

good character building woman played. I like this movie ;)