Sunday, June 14, 2009

Song of the Week - Heart of Gold by Neil Young

I have 6,985 songs on iTunes. This is one of them.

This song is from Neil's 1972 album Harvest, one of his best and I think, one of the best albums of all time. In 1972, I lived on Long Island for 6 months working at a co-op job while attending Drexel University. I had taken my stereo with me and purchased this album while there. It was one of the few records I had to listen to so I listened to it all the time. I don't often post two videos in the same post but I found a live version from 1971 and another from 2008. This period encompasses most of my adult life and I still love this song.

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Motherscratcher said...

I absolutely love this song and Neil.

In high school, a guy I know got a brain tumor in 10th grade. He passed our senior year. He was a very big Neil Young fan.

I found out later that Neil somehow found out about him and went to his house to hang out and play him some songs.

Very Very cool.