Friday, June 5, 2009

Google vs. Bing

This is something a bit off subject but I thought it interesting. I read the other day that Microsoft had launced a new search web site. Apparently, their last last attempt LifeSearch (which I'd never even heard of) wasn't making a dent in Google. The new site is called (for no reason I can see), So I though I wonder how it compares to Google. My first test was to see if it could find my blog. Here's what I get when I search for capewood in Google. As you can see (you may need to click on the image), my blog is the second item on the list. I've done this before and it usually comes up 1st or 2nd.When I searched for capewood on Bing, my blog wasn't in the first 10 pages of listings. There were a couple of hits of other blogs which mentioned mine. When I tried capewood's collections (the actual name of my blog), I got this:

There were about 10 pages of listing, not one of which was a link to my blog. Almost every listing was a link to another blog which had a mention (usually a link) of my blog. What's with that? Finally, I typed 'capewood's collections blog' and it came up as the first hit.

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Ben said...

When I type 1988 Score into Google, my site is the very first one on the results page. And logically, it should be since the name of the site is "1988 Score."

I quit looking after 5 pages on bing.

I remember when Google worked and didn't make you sift through 20 pages of online stores before you found the information you were looking for. It's not like that anymore, sadly.