Friday, September 5, 2008

Phillies 3 Mets 0

If ever there was a high pressure late season series, this is it. The Phillies, going into tonight's game were 3 games back. They've got to win at least two. Every game is important now. The Phillies scored a run in the first, but then Greg Dobbs hits a 2-run homer in the 7th.
Meanwhile, Myers is pitching an excellent game. Never in trouble, he pitches 8 innings giving up 3 hits, 2 balls and strikes out 10 to win the game.
"Lights out" Lidge comes in for the save. He gets into some 1 out trouble giving up a ground-rule double to Wright and a single to Delgado, with Wright only moving to third. Beltran hits a fly ball but not deep enough to score Wright. Then Church flies out to end the game. Lidge gets his 34th save in 34 chances.

The game was not available on TV down here in Texas and I'm not willing to pay the fee to listen to the game on the Internet. So I have to resort to Yahoo Stattracker to follow the game. Here is a screen shot I took during the game. I love baseball but will freely admit that there can be boring stretches in a game. Following a game on Yahoo can be really dull. They give you a pitch-by-pitch account but sometimes there are long stretches where nothing seems to be happening. And sometimes the service freezes and you have to reload the page. That happened during Howard's at bat in the 9th. After watching a count of 0-2 for about 10 minutes, I reloaded the page to find the Mets up with 2 on and 1 out. Yikes.


deal said...

I am pretty sure Howard struck out, Swinging - low outside pitch probably a curve. Then Bruntlett popped out. Lidge's appearance was a little trouble. He got behind most of the hitters. and Bruntlett (in LF) barely caught a sinking liner by Beltran.

I was supposed to go to todays game. I have opted out of the trip, and am Hoping that they reschedule for tomorrow.

Go Phils!

Dubbs said...

Because your Phils and my Brewers share playoff implications, I am sorry but I have to cheer for a split between you and the Mets for the rest of the season...AND pray that the Cubbies' pitching woes continue. Go Crew!