Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nice Card File - Nomar Garciaparra

This is a 2003 E-X Emerald Essentials Jersey card numbered to 250.

It's got everything going for it:

Silver foil lettering on the front
Die cut
Game-worn jersey patch
Serial numbered
Heavy glossy finish
It's a parallel card (there are similar cards numbered to 345, 175, 60 and 15)
It features a probably future Hall of Famer

And I only paid $3.99, including $2 shipping for it on eBay. That's nuts. Beckett lists the card at $18.

It's outer dimensions are the same as a regular card, but a lot of its been cut away.

The dark spots on the jersey piece are loose threads. My sewing expert daughter thinks it looks like something had been sewed on and thread hadn't been fully removed.


jv said...

Man, it's so weird looking at that die cut. That was the craze when I left the hobby and I'll be honest, I for one miss it...

Less worthless relics, more die cut...

deal said...

Yep thats a steal - I am off to ebay and looking for some Nomar Cards

deal said...

Also wanted to send you this link for finding card shows via Beckett. Not sure if this will find anything in your area, but it may be worth a look.