Monday, September 1, 2008

Coincidence or what?

Does this ever happen to you?

I've been collecting baseball cards since 1985. I've got a lot of cards and I spend a lot of time organizing them. I've had them in some sort of computer database since, well, almost since I started collecting. In the past few years, I've started scanning cards and putting the scans in the database. For my readers who don't collect cards, thanks for reading, but I'm a bit crazy. My card collecting readers will understand.

Card collecting time always increases during baseball season and I like to listen to a ball game (Astros now, Phillies before I moved) while I'm working with my collection.

The other day, while I was scanning this Ty Wigginton card and listening to the Astros on the radio, Wiggy (as the announcers like to call him), hits into a fielder's choice and is safe at 1st in a close play.

I've lost track of how many times this has happened. I'll be working on a card (scanning it, putting it into the database, putting it into a binder, whatever), and the player on the card is involved in a play on the radio. And it's not always Astros (or Phillies). It happens with players on the other team. This happened a few days before with the Hunter Pence card I got in trade. Afterward, I thought that I could make a post out of the experience the next time it happened. I didn't have to wait for long.


Dubbs said...

It's the baseball gods...

White Sox Cards said...

That even happens to me with retired players. I'll be puttin older cards away and I'll hear about Jack McDowell or LaMarr Hoyt or someone like that.

dinged corners said...

Further evidence of the baseball/cosmic card connection.

deal said...

It's not just baseball players either.

I am slowly making it through a blaster of 08 A&G and during the Olympics I pulled the Mark Spitz card during the middle of the Mike Phelps hoopla.

Yesterday a much sadder reminder of a possible disaster - I open a pack and the Lousiana (Papelbon) State card popped up.