Friday, March 7, 2008

Nice Card File - Tom Glavine

2001 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game

I'm not sure when the first baseball cards with pieces of a players game-worn uniform or game-used bat appeared. The oldest one I have is from the year 2000. This is one of my favorites. For one thing, it features Tom Glavine, one of my favorite players. The piece of jersey (or relic as its called in the baseball card world) is relatively large. And the card is a numbered limited edition. Glavine had a great year in 2001. He was 16-7 with an ERA of 3.57 and 116 strikeouts. He's had a great career. He is a 10-time All Star and a 2-time Cy Young Award winner. And last year he won his 300th game of his career. A sure Hall of Famer.


Scott said...

Nothing about Glavine but the other posts. I drop a co-worker off in Holmesburg-Mayfair every evening before heading over to Rhawnhurst. Thanks for the pictures. In July '95, Kruk was at Harry Caray's with some folks from Mizuno. I was at a nearby table. What a nice guy.


capewood said...

Thanks for the comment. I've got some old pictures of the Philly skyline I took from City Hall in the '60s to compare with some I took in 2006. I'll post them sometime next week.


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