Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nice Card File - Joba Chamberlain

2007 Bowman Draft Future's Game Jersey

This guy was the Yankee's 1st round draft pick in 2006. He started the 2007 season in single A, moved to AA and then to AAA, compiling a 9-2 record with 135 K's and just 27 walks. He made his major league debut on August 7, 2007. As a middle reliever, he won 2, saved 1, struck out 34 in 24 innings and walked 6. Pretty good for a guy who didn't start pitching until his senior year in high school. I saw a recent story in the paper that the Yankees are trying to figure out what to do with him this year. Looks like he's going to start the season as a middle reliever. My prediction is that when Andy Pettitte goes down again, they will make Joba a starter.

You can go on eBay these days and pick up relic cards pretty cheap (99 cents plus shipping) as long as you don't care who's on the card., as low as 99 cents and a few bucks for shipping. But I pulled this card from a pack. The catalog lists it at $25. The pack cost me $0.42/card. I love pulling cards like this.

His name jumped out at me because my mother's maiden name was Chamberlain. But this guy isn't any more related to me than Wilt Chamberlain or Neville Chamberlain were. Joba was born in Nebraska and he's a Native American. But there haven't been all that many Chamberlains in sports so I hope he does well.

He's also one of the first players to make it into the major's who is younger than my oldest son.

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