Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Computer

My old computer (on the left) meets my new computer

I've been a bit behind in posting because I bought a new computer! My old computer was a Macintosh Power PC G4 iMac which I bought almost exactly 6 years ago. This computer was a screamer then (especially compared to the poker I had before that). It was a 700 mHz machine with 512 MB of RAM and an 80 GB internal hard drive. To get more file space, I've added a 230 GB Firewire drive and a 239 GB USB Drive, They came in handy for moving stuff where it had to go. I'm sure the geeks would like to learn the specifications of the new machine. The new machine is running a 2.4 Ghz, Intel Core Duo processor. Which means it can run about 3.4 times as fast as the old machine, and since it has two processors, it really runs 6.8 times as fast. And speed is where its at in computers. And the monitor is bigger, 15" to 20".

Most of my collections are tracked in elaborate databases which I've largely designed myself using a program called FileMaker V5.5, The trusty of version of FM of course won't run on the new computer. So I'm importing the data into a new FileMaker product called Bento. Much simpler to use but still pretty powerful and way cheaper than FileMaker 9.0. I'm on vacation this week and will be spending way too much time with the computers. Meanwhile, new baseball cards are piling up, my bonsai need pruning and potting and I only just got my Christmas 2007 pictures out of the camera.

It could be a couple of days until the next post. I want to post the nice Mike Schmidt I got in a traded with Trader Steve over on the White Shx Cards blog.

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