Monday, March 17, 2008

1993 Phillies World Series Team - Bonus Card

1993 Upper Deck - Team Stars subset

This card was not with my 1993 Phillies cards and I had forgotten all about it. Today, while digging around in my desk at work for something, I found the card. Fortunately it was in a hard plastic sleeve. I remember that I had taken it to work when it was new (back in 1993) to show my co-workers. This was when I still lived in the Philadelphia area. It got moved to Texas with the rest of my office stuff in 1995 and finally resurfaced today. So it will be reunited with its fellows after 15 years!

The 1993 Upper Deck set had a series of these Team Stars, one for each team. Dykstra's nickname was Nails so the Hammer and Nails theme was obvious. In case you can't tell, the other guys are holding sledge hammers on their shoulders and Dykstra appears to be holding 9-inch nails. You can click on the images to get a larger view. The text on the back of the card was talking about the 1992 season. By the time I would have brought this card to work, the Phillies would have been well on their way to winning the NL East.

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