Friday, September 9, 2016

Players I Collect - 2016 Part 1

As well as collecting any Phillies and post-1994 Astros cards I can find, there are also a handful (OK, a bushel full) of players who's individual cards I collect. I've been doing this since I started collecting in 1985. It's a mishmash of players, including players who are now in the Hall of Fame, and players whom I wonder now why a started collecting. And a few players from before I started collecting. I'm going to run through them in alphabetical order over a few posts until I've either covered them all or have lost interest in making the posts. As I got into this I realized that there are a bunch of players I've collected over the years that haven't had cards in years. That's boring, so I'm only going to include players I actually have 2016 cards for.

Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron's career ended long before I started collecting (10 years) but how could I not put aside any Hank Aaron post-career card I happened across. I have 37 Aaron cards, including 3 from 2016.

Topps MLB Debut Medallion
With that heavy and thick metal coin embedded, these cards a kind of a monstrosity. But it's Hank! Not sure yet what I'm going to do with it since it won't fit in a regular 9-slot album page.

Topps Berger's Best
Topps Amazing Milestones

Jim Abbott
My collecting career spans all of Abbott's career so I've got a bunch of cards from his playing days. There haven't been a lot of post-career cards but I did get this 2016 card. Altogether I have 83 Jim Abbott cards.

Stadium Club

Roberto Alomar

Having been a popular and exceptional player leads to more published cards. I have 198 of his cards from his career and post-career. I only got one for 2016.

Topps Allen & Ginter Mini

 Wade Boggs

I have 186 Boggs cards, covering most of his career up to the present.

Topps Archives
 Topps Bunt

George Brett

I have 117 Brett cards, some from his career. He remains a popular subject for current sets.

Panini Diamond Kings DK Originals
Stadium Club
Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Legends
Topps Bunt

Next up: Jose Canseco.
To be continued...

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