Monday, September 12, 2016

2016 Bowman Platinum

This is not a bad looking set, if you like foil-board cards. I don't particularly so I don't buy much of this product. Topps didn't produce a 2015 set and I can't say I missed it. The 2016 set is only going to be available at Walmart for some reason. I saw some there over the weekend and bought two 12-card rack packs. They had blasters and a larger box which claimed to contain 4 autos, but at about $80 it was way more than I wanted to pay.

Here's the first card from the first pack.

If I'm not planning on buying much of a certain set, it's nice to pull Carlos Correa. 

This is a case where the scan looks better than the actual card. The surface has that rainbow refractive thing going on but it's hard to see unless you hold the card just right. My scanner often produces the blue-green background from cards like that. The design is OK although it reminds me of some old Upper Deck brand that I can't quite remember.

There are only 100 cards in the set and the players selected, skew to the younger set, including rookies.

The cards scanned nicely with little post scanning processing necessary. The fronts tended to want to stick to the glass in the scanner though, even though they don't feel tacky. Like all foil-board cards, the fronts pick up fingerprints quickly, and in my experience, fingerprints on foil-board cards tend to become permanent if not soon removed.

There is also the Top Prospects 100-card set featuring players who haven't quite made it to the majors. I actually like the design better than the base set.

The base and Top Prospects cards have the usual selection of parallel cards (Ice, Purple, Green, Orange, Red, and Black). I pulled one purple, Top Prospect numbered to 250, which happened to be a Philly I never heard of.

There are also a 30-card Next Generation and a 30-card Next Generation Prospects insert sets, with a front design borrowed from Topps Bunt.

I pulled one of the 30-card Presence insert set.

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Hackenbush said...

I'm not a prospector and could do without Bowman as a brand entirely.