Friday, June 24, 2016

2016 Topps Archives Father and Son

I bought a blaster and a couple of loose packs of Topps Archives. I pulled 3 of the Father-Son cards.  And I like all three of them.

First off we have the Griffeys, Ken and Ken Jr.

I believe that there are several cards featuring Ken and Ken Jr. This is one of the earlier ones that I have.

Then there are the Boones, Bob and Bret.

These cards are based on a subset from 1985 Topps. But that wasn't the only year that Topps produced father-son cards. I have this card from 1976 featuring Bob and his dad Ray.

I'm also happy to have then 1978 Bob Boon card used in the Topps Archives card.

Finally there are the Franconas, Tito and Terry.

I have this card from the 1985 set.

Tito played for a lot of different teams in his 15 years in the majors (1956-1970), touching down with the Phillies for 27 games in 1967, just long enough to appear in the 1967 Topps set as a Phillie,

Terry was the manager of the Phillies in 1997-2000.

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