Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016 Topps Opening Day Surprise

I made a post about 2016 Opening Day last week and really wasn't planning another one, because, what more could be said?  My post was based on what I found in the first of four 24-card rack packs I had bought.

Then I opened the second pack and found this.

This is exactly the second printing plate I've pulled from a retail pack. The last one was in 2006. I don't exactly chase these since they are so hard to find. I bought one in 2009 on eBay, just because I found one that was cheap enough to buy.  So now I have 3.

The third pack yielded this.

I had shared the foil version of this card in my other 2016 Opening Day post. This isn't really the surprise I had in mind.

Also in that pack was this:

That's right I pulled a short-print variation card in the same pack as the regular issue card. I don't go all gaa-gaa over these variation cards and frankly I don't care if Topps includes them or not. But I sure don't mind getting one.

Nothing to report about from the 4th pack.


Greg Zakwin said...

Nice pull on the plate! And that Jansen is fantastic!

xavier higgins said...

Why is the printing an identical image as the card itself? If this plate was used to print the card it would need to be reverse image.

xavier higgins said...

*printing plate

John Hazen said...

Nice Pull. Love the printing plate of McCann.