Saturday, March 5, 2016

2016 Topps Heritage - First Look

I'm just back from Florida and spring training baseball. The weather was great and the baseball was fun. I hope to do a few posts about the trips later. Like a dope, I forgot my camera so all I have is a few iPhone snaps. But my friend and traveling companion remembered his. He promises me he will share his photos with me.

I did hear while I was away that Topps Heritage was live so I visited Target (no luck) and Walmart (luck)just a few hours ago. I got two blaster boxes and a rack pack, so 164 cards total. I've always liked 1967 Topps so I may buy some more.

Here's the first card out of the first box.

A nice looking card right off. I'm pretty sure I hold a minority opinion here but I like yellow baseball cards. Lazo and Hall were both September call-ups last year. Since the first card is a subset card, here's the second card out of the pack.

Topps does not use a vertical oriented design on the backs of their cards too often. I'm pretty sure this is the first year of Topps with a vertical back. They will do it again in 1968, then only twice in the 1970s. After 1975 a vertical back does not appear again until 1993.

Personally I like the vertical back, maybe because they don't use it much. It's been 16 years since the last one, in 2000.

OK, just one spring training photo. Here I am at the Phillies-Astros game on Thursday.

I figured no matter what happened, my team would win. Someone at one of the concession stands called me a 'cross-dresser'. BTW, the Astros won 3-2.


Jim from Downingtown said...

Yours is the 2nd blog I've seen featuring the 2016 Heritage cards. Without exception, every card has grainy photography - much worse than the photos on the cards Topps was selling in, say, 1967.

Hmm... was photographic technology just better 50 years ago, or is Topps just lazy?

capewood said...

Topps lzy? Yeah, usually. In this case, I think the graininess must be a design choice. Either they had the photographers use real film with a low ASA (doubtful) or they turned on the 'grainy' filter in Photoshop.