Monday, June 8, 2015

Phillies cards from Dan

A few weeks ago, I came upon dansotherworld and saw that he was giving away baseball cards by MBL division. Since he still had the NL East available, I signed on hoping for some Phillies cards. After reading some more of his blog I realized he was a Phillies collector and figured I wouldn't get many Phillies from him.  After an exchange of emails, and him checking my blog, he said he'd see if he could find some Phillies for me.

A big package arrived the other day with almost 400 cards. Rather more than I expected. Among them were about 100 Phillies cards, of which I needed about half. Pretty good ratio. I will be studying Dan's want list and hoping I'll be able to return the favor.  So here are some of the more interesting Phillies he sent.

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Framed Relics Ryan Howard
This is pretty much the best card of the bunch. The funny thing about this card is that I had actually bought two of these, one with a white jersey, the other with a bat, back in 2009, but I gave them to a friend, and fellow Phillies fan, for his birthday.

2014 Topps Chrome X-fractors #37 Cliff Lee
I love the way the scans of these cards look. I only had one X-fractor from this set and it wasn't a Phillie.

2010 Topps Tribute Roy Halladay
These are the kinds of cards I never buy, unless I go specifically looking for them on eBay. As it turns out I have one other Phillie from this set.

2008 Ultimate Collection Cole Hamels #10
I've never even seen one of these cards. The base cards are numbered to 350.

2007 Upper Deck Goudey #76 Chase Utley
I had the Red Back version of this card. It's nice to get the base card.

2003 Bowman #243 Il Kim
Topps released four cards featuring Il Kim in 2003, this one, a Stadium Club, a Topps and a Topps Total. Each card features a photo taken in the same spot, with Kim either sitting on or leaning on a bench. These are all the major league cards he has. I only need the Topps Total for the set.

2002 Fleer Authentix #70 Fleer Authentix
Fleer used to produce so many different sets each year it was hard to keep up with. I used to stop at my local card shop (when I had a local card shop) and buy a couple of packs of whatever was new. I have some cards from this set but I didn't have any of the Phillies.

2001 Upper Deck Victory #491 Kent Bottenfield
Something you don't see on baseball cards every day, a pitcher batting. In the 3 three months that Bottenfield spent with the Phillies he had 17 plate appearances.

2001 Topps Archives #235 Robin Roberts
When I pulled this card from the box, I thought, this is a nice card but I already have it. In fact, I have the 2002 Topps Archives Robin Roberts, which is the same card only with the Topps Archives logo on the left side.

I'll have some more cards tomorrow.

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