Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2015 Panini Prizm

Two Panini products in a row.

Panini Prizm has the same problem as all Panini baseball products. They don't have an MLB license so they can't show MLB logos, or apparently, even mention MLB team names.  They photoshop away logos on uniforms instead of relying on contorted poses. The other problem is a problem shared with Panini Donruss, the batter cards pretty much all look the same and the pitcher cards all look the same. There are few fielding plays depicted.

Otherwise, I kind of like Prizm. It's certainly shiny enough.  I bought a blaster and a 3-pack value pack (to get the red white and blue parallels included).

The main difference between 2015 and past years is the absence of borders on this year's card fronts. That is a plus. Also the photo on the back is a bit larger, but since it's the same photo that's on the front, it doesn't make much difference.

The cards are a bit cheaper this year, $0.63/card vs. $0.72/card last year.

I pulled just the one Phillie card but at least it was current Phillie phenom Maikel Franco. I also pulled Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg.

The biggest problem with Panini is, and always has been, that it's impossible to collect. There are 200 cards in the base set which doesn't sound too bad but there are 14 base set parallels. Each pack only has 4 cards it it, and only 2 of them are base cards. Making the outrageous assumption that you wouldn't get any duplicates, you'd have to buy 100 packs, at $252, to get the base set. So the cards are nice to look at but I'd never consider trying to build a set.

Of the 14 parallel sets I pulled 4 of them.

This is the Prizms subset (yes, this card is a Panini Prizm Prizms). It's got a refractive finish much like Topps Chrome Refractors. Hey, do you know what a prism does? It refracts light.

This is the Panini Prizm Prizms Black and White Checker. This set is serial numbered to 149.

Panini Prizm Prizms Red Baseball. If the little baseballs look familiar, it's the same baseball from 2014 Donruss.

Panini Prizm Prizms Red White and Blue Mojo. These remind me a bit of Topps Chrome X-Fractors.

I hope to have a post up soon with the inserts from the packs I bought.

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