Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Repack oddities

I like to buy the sort of repack that have a lot of loose cards. Most of the cards are junk but there is almost always a few interesting cards. This one I bought back in November was no exception.

1997 Collector's Choice Teams #CI11 Marquis Grissom
Upper Deck produced the Collector's Choice set from 1994 through 1998. It was Upper Deck's second set after starting their iconic Upper Deck set in 1989. This Grissom card was easy to identify as a card from Collector's Choice. My only question when I looked it it was "What year is this from?" Collector's Choice base cards didn't change much from year to year and I can never tell them apart from the fronts. The back tells me it's from 1997. OK, ready to catalog. But wait a minute. What's with the number? CI11?  Turns out this is a Collector's Choice Team card. I never heard of this. In at least 1997, Upper Deck put out these team sets. But not every team, just the Braves, Orioles, Indians, Rockies, White Sox, Marlins, Dodgers, Yankees, Mariners, and Rangers. 13 cards to a set.  This card goes in the Reference Card album. You don't usually see doubles in a repack but there were two of these.

1995 Megacards Ruth
This is from a 1995 set put out by a company called Megacards. I don't know anything about the company. The set consisted of 25 cards highlighting different years from Ruth's career. 21 of the cards were b/w photos with gold foil trim. The front of this card seems to have some condition issues with the white speckles. The speckles don't seem to be something on the card or paper loss. They may be an artifact from the original photo.  I already had one of the color cards from the set from a previous repack.

1989 Pacific Legends II #123 Andy Pafko
I mostly think of Pacific as a card company that specialized in cards for the Hispanic market in the 1990s. But they did produce some sets in the late 1980s. This 110 card set picked up the numbering from the 100-card 1988 Pacific Legends I set. I already had a Phillie from Legends II that I got in a trade. I can now replace that in the Reference Album with this card. This is my first Andy Pafko card. Although he had a decent career, he's mostly known today as Card #1 in Topps 1952. Due to kids rubber banding their cards in those days, apparently it's hard to find a 1952 Pafko card in decent shape. According to Wikipedia a 1952 Pafko sold for $84,000 in 1998.


The Junior Junkie said...

Totally need that Grissom if you ever find another CI card!

capewood said...

Hey Junior, I have two of the cards. Email me if you're interested.