Thursday, December 11, 2014

Random cards from my collection #69

Card #10124
2008 Topps Stars #11 Derek Jeter
Comments on the card/player: The original Topps Stars was a set which Topps issued around the turn of the century. This Topps Stars was a 25-card insert in Topps in 2008. Holographic green foil.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.15/card in March 2008 for a Topps blaster.

Card #34806
2012 Bowman Platinum Top Prospects Bryce Brentz
Comments on the card/player: Brentz was the Red Sox #1 pick in 2007. He reached the Triple A World Series with Pawtucket this year and then got promoted to the majors. He hit .308 with the Red Sox with 26 at bats in 9 games.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.68/card for 1 rack pack in August 2012.

Card #25406
2011 Topps Heritage #427 Will Rhymes
Comments on the card/player: I always liked 1962 Topps (the inspiration for 2011 Topps Heritage) and liked this set as well. I bought 2 blasters and a hobby box. This is one of the short-printed cards (numbered 426-500). Brentz played 130 games in the majors from 2010 through 2012. He's currently at Triple A in the Nationals system.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.28/card for 2 72-card Topps Heritage blasters in March 2011.

Card #29741
2011 Topps Team Sets #14 Ryan Madson
Comments on the card/player: I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Topps Team Sets. These are sold in blister packs. It's hard for me to find the Phillies sets in the Houston area. In fact it's hard to find the Astros sets here as well. These cards usually have the same photo, maybe cropped a bit differently, as the Topps base set but this card has an entirely different photo of Madson from the base set. Gotta have these if you're a team completest.
How/When acquired: Paid $10 for 17-card Phillies set in August 2011.

Card #24907
2010 Topps USA Baseball #48 Marc Brakeman
Comments on the card/player: I notice that these USA cards don't give home town and birth date information on the players. I guess because they are minors? I can't find his name on so I'm hoping he's playing college ball somewhere.
How/When acquired: Paid $9.99 for boxed set in February 2011.

Card #38948
2009 O-Pee-Chee #525 Comerica Park

Comments on the card/player: I always had a soft spot in my heart (or perhaps my head) for 2009 O-Pee-Chee, Upper Deck's last attempt to get the nostalgic market with an old-time design that wasn't theirs. Combining stadium photo cards with team checklists is always a good idea in my book. 
How/When acquired: Paid $0.22/card for a blaster in June 2009.

Card #29863
1998 Topps #331 Albert Belle
Comments on the card/player: 1998 was a pretty good year for Belle. He hit .328 with 49 home runs, a .665 slugging percentage and 152 RBIs. After 1998, he signed a $62 million 5-year contract with the Orioles.
How/When acquired: Don't know.

Card #19252
1983 Fleer #153 Porfi Altamirano

Comments on the card/player: 1983 Fleer. Whoever though that brown would make a good color for the back of a baseball card? For those who like to stadium guess, that is defiantly the Phillies Veteran's Stadium in the background. By the way, Vince DiMaggio still holds that grand slam record for the Phillies.
How/When acquired: Don't know.

Card #27109
2011 Bowman #62 Brett Myers

Comments on the card/player: The last in a long series of black and red Bowman sets. And good riddance. After going 14-8 with a 3.14 ERA for the Astros in 2010, Myers turned in a 7-14 record with an ERA of 4.46 in 2011. Of course the 2011 Astros had a 56-106 record in 2011 so it's amazing he won even 7 games.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.25/card for a blaster in May 2011.

Card #686
1987 Topps Glossy All-Stars #11 Fernando Valenzuela

Comments on the card/player: As I remember, these glossy All-Star cards were only available in rack-packs, one per. They were inserted in such a way that you could see the card through the cellophane wrapper. I remember looking over the rack-packs in K-Mart to see which had a player I wanted.
How/When acquired: Don't know.


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