Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I'm a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame!

And I didn't even have to hit a single home run, or, in fact, play professional baseball. It only cost me $50.

I got a mailing from the HOF promising me membership and some goodies. Here are the goodies.

First off is the 2014 HOF yearbook.

Nicely produced magazine with profiles on the 2014 inductees, stories about the Hall and thumbnail sketches about a lot of past inductees. There is supposed to be a monthly magazine but I haven't seen that yet.

Two 75th anniversary window clings.

A membership card
I guess I should have applied for membership under my blogger name. Didn't think of that.

No magic decoder ring.

But the best part of the package was this:

A Hall of Fame commemorative half dollar struck by the US Mint in uncirculated condition. I couldn't get a good scan of the coin so I got these images from the Mint's web site.

The coins are actually curved, concave on the glove side. Here's a link to the Mint's web site with more information. The BUY button does not work, so I expect the issues are sold out. You can get them on eBay for 'buy-it-now' prices in the $25 and up range.


Julie Owens said...

Congrats! The coin is way cool! I too, recently joined. Looking forward to my first visit later 2015.

The Junior Junkie said...

So doing this when Junior gets in!