Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 2014 card show - Part 2

Here's some more stuff.

2001 UD Reserve #88 Craig Biggio
Not a bad looking set. I never saw this when it was live. This is only the 3rd card from the set I have.

2002 Bowman Gold #203 Gavin Floyd
From back in the days when the card manufactures could put minor leaguers in their main sets. Floyd won't make his major league debut until 2004. If you can't tell, the facsimile signature is in gold foil. Also the card is thicker than the base set.

2002 Bowman Draft Signs of the Future Mitch Jones
OK, this guy didn't have much of a major league career. Between June 16 and June 29, 2009, Mitch had 18 at bats for the Dodgers and hit .308. But I didn't have any of these cards and it was only 2 bucks.

2002 Studio Private Signings #269 Wilson Valdez
Another kind of card I didn't have. A sticker auto, serial numbered to 200, I didn't mind paying $3 for it. Valdez has had a long, if not spectacular career including 2 seasons with the Phillies. Valdez became a Phillies fan favorite on 5/25/11 when, after playing the entire game at second, he pitched a scoreless 19th inning in a Phillies win over the Reds.

2002 Topps Gold Label Class 1 Gold #136 Marlon Byrd

Another set I never saw live, so if I buy one today, I can be pretty sure I don't have it. Topps Gold was a 200 card set with three parallels, Gold, Platinum and Titanium. This is the Gold parallel, numbered to 500. Byrd came up with the Phillies in 2002 and stayed into the 2005 season. He played for the Mets and Pirates last year but signed a 2-year $16MM contract with the Phillies last November.

2003 Bowman Signs of the Future Joel Hanrahan
$2 for an on-card auto. I'll pay that every day for a kind of card I don't have, no matter who the player is. Hanrahan had 76 saves for the Pirates in 2011-2012.

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