Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 2014 Card Show - Part 1

I already shared the Topps Giant cards I got at this show. Here's some more good stuff.

1999 Fleer Brilliants #140 Pat Burrell
In 1999, these cards cost a buck apiece in a 5-card pack. I paid a buck for this one at the show.

2000 Bowman's Best Franchise 2000 #19 Jeff Bagwell
This is from a 25-card insert set from 2000 Bowman's Best. The front is backed with refractive foil. I wasn't even sure what set it was from when I bought it since the Bowman's Best logo on the front is real hard to make out. The back is a dull matte black.

2000 SP Authentic Limited #106 Rick Ankiel
Remember when Rick Ankiel was the hottest pitcher around. That period didn't last long. This card is a parallel to 2000 SP Authentic, serial numbered to 100.

2000 Topps Tek #44-19 Brett Myers
This was a difficult set to collect. The cards were printed on clear acetate and each player was available with multiple patterns. There are 40 different versions of this card. Now I've got 2.

2001 Leaf Limited #257 Nick Punto
Another difficult set to collect. All cards in the set above number 150 are serial numbered to different amounts by sets of 50. Cards numbered 250-300 were numbered to 1000. Cards 301-325 are autographed and serial numbered. cards 326-350 have relics and serial numbers.

More to come...

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