Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Baseball Card Windup - What I bought in 2013 Part 9

Continuing with my review of card sets I bought in 2013. These are the cards that made it into my Reference Album.


Continuing with Topps, we'll move along into the inserts.

Inserts - Part 1

Topps Chasing History and disagree slightly on this insert set. There are apparently 4 different versions of each card, each type available in different packaging. These are Silver, Silver Holographic Foil, Gold and Gold Holographic Foil. I managed to some of each except for the Gold.

This is the Silver. The backs are all the same.
The silver and holographic silver don't look too much different in the scan, but in person, the difference is striking.

All the cards come either horizontal or vertical.

Topps Chasing History Relics

You can usually expect that any insert card which has a rectangle with just a team logo will have a relic version. I got this on eBay for $6.75 There are also autographed versions.

Topps Chasing The Dream
This 25-card insert set features younger players. Presumably full of dreams.

Topps Commemorative Patch Card

For several years now, blaster boxes have some with manufactured patch card, separate from the packs in the box. Usually the Walmart and Target versions have different themes. This I got in a Series 1 Walmart blaster.  I didn't buy an blasters of Topps from Target this year.

Topps Cut to the Chase

A nice looking 50-card set of die-cut, Chrome refractor cards.

Topps The Greats

I didn't pull anything from this 40-card set. I had to get this one on eBay.

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