Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2013 Baseball Card Windup - What I bought in 2013 Part 7

Continuing with my review of card sets I bought in 2013. These are the cards that made it into my Reference Album.


I bought a few blasters and rack packs of Topps this year, but no hobby box. I really like the design for 2013. I wish they'd be a little more adventuresome on the card backs as well. The Topps set, as it has been for several years, contains 660 cards, issued in 2 series. And, again as usual, there are plenty of subset and insert cards.

Base Set

The ever popular "All-Star Rookie Cup" subset.

Topps often has some sort of gimmick going on. This year it was short-printed variation cards called "Out of Bounds" featuring fantastic catches made at the very edges of the field. I gather these were a tough pull and I only got this one.

An although this card features a pretty good looking catch, it is not an "Out of Bounds" variation. It's in my Reference Album as a Rookie card.

League Leaders cards have been a Topps subset forever. Miguel Cabrera was on a few different ones this year.

I think Topps is the only set this year to feature full career stats on the back.

Postseason Games subset returns.

Over the years Topps has gone back and forth on checklist cards. Sometimes they have been unnumbered inserted cards, and sometimes they've been an integral part of the set, like this card.

Individual player award subset. Due to his outstanding 2012 set, Cabrera is on a lot of cards in 2013.

Promo Cards
There were a few of these in 2013.

Here's another code up for grabs.

 I pretty much make it a practice not to "like" companies on Facebook.

Perhaps the goofiest product of 2013.

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