Sunday, July 21, 2013

Song of the Week - Doctor Wu by Steely Day

One of my favorite songs from one of my all-time favorite bands.  I couldn't find a live version that was worth listening to so I going with the little video that someone put together featuring photos of the band.

"You walked in, and my life began again..."


Hackenbush said...

For some reason I forget how much I like Steely Dan until I hear one of their songs. They really take me back to the seventies. BTW I did have a doctor named Wu at one time, though I did not see him about a drug problem.

capewood said...

I actually worked with a PhD chemist back in the '70s named Dr. Wu. He used to introduce himself with "I'm Wu, who you?"

Hackenbush said...

I'm Wu, who you? Priceless.