Monday, July 15, 2013

More Fairfield Repack finds

I bought yet 2 more Fairfield 100-card repacks in early June. I just got around to forcing them open to see what was inside. I bought two of them because each was showing a card I didn't have.

2012 Topps Heritage Black #37 Nyjet Morgan
I had bought a fair amount of 2012 Topps Heritage and I was pretty sure I hadn't gotten a black-bordered card. I was right.  I knew I had the regular version. How could one forget this photo?

2010 Topps Factory Set Retail Bonus #1 Ryan Howard
I couldn't remember if I had the Howard card from 2010 Topps or not but when I looked close I saw the "Factor Set Limited Edition" in silver foil in the upper left. That I was sure I didn't have since I didn't even know these existed. And it is a bonus since it has a different photo than his regular card.

With two cards I didn't have already known I was pretty sure I'd be happy with both packs so I bought them both. I wasn't disappointed.

2008 Upper Deck National Convention VIP #22 Alfonso Soriano
I don't get to go to the National Convention so I always like to find something like this in a repack.

1984 Topps Glossy Send-Ins #34 Cecil Cooper
Topps made three glossy sets each year from the mid-1980s to 1991. There was the All-Star Team and the Topps Rookie sets which were only available in rack packs. There were was this, the Glossy Send-Ins set which was available by mail order wrapper redemption. The designs on these sets were the same each year. The Send-Ins are nice, since the front of the card is almost all photograph with no distractions. The glossy finish is nice too. I've found that the finish has tended to yellow over the year but border of this card from 1984 has stayed pretty white. I did not color correct this scan.  I had an example from every year except 1984.

One of the packs had a bunch of different minor league cards produced by Just Memorabilia. Trying to identify which sets these cards come from was a challenge.

2002 Just Prospects Gold #28 Nick Neugebauer
The 2002 set was interesting in that it featured paintings of the players. Neugebauer was apparently a promising prospect who made it to the majors for the Brewers but a rotator cuff injury ended his career in his second season.

2003 Just Stars Silver Derick Grigsby
This guy was the Astros #1 draft pick in 2002 but didn't make it to the majors, in fact, he only lasted 2 years in the minors.

2005 Justifiable Wil Pujols
Albert's less-talented little brother.

2002 Just Rookies Jason Stokes
The Cardinals #2 pick in 2000. He had a 9-year career in the minors but was plagued by hand and groin injuries that kept him out of the majors.

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Pretty sweet cards froma repack!