Friday, June 21, 2013

Bunting on Baseball Cards

Bunting is an important, if often unheralded, part of baseball. Being able to move that runner from first to second with less than one out can be the deciding edge in a close game. Some players, those with good legs, can bunt for hits, catching the infielders off guard. Bunting is an important skill for pitchers in the National League.

1992 Pinnacle #619 Brett Butler

 A blueprint for bunting. Brett Butler was well know for bunting for base hits so naturally he'd be on a card like this.

2001 Fleer Premium #18 Bobby Abreu
Sometimes you have to bunt at a ball that may be less than ideally placed. Of course, if the situation calls for a bunt, the pitcher is well aware of that and doesn't have to throw the ball where the batter wants it.

1995 Donruss #49 Roberto Alomar
Alomar was also know for bunting for hit. It looks like he may have popped this one up.

2002 Stadium Club #4 Roberto Alomar
 Here, the ball is down where it's supposed to be.

2000 Skybox Dominion #134 Craig Biggio
Biggio was also a great bunter. This looks more like a sacrifice situation since he's really reacing for the ball.

2006 Upper Deck #935 Taylor Buchholz
Pitcher Buchholz is displaying good from, but it looks like he's in the practice cage, not a real game situation.

1992 Upper Deck #131 Vince Coleman
In his younger days, Coleman was a speedster. Here he is racing the ball down the 1st base line.

2005 Ultra #28 Greg Maddux
I couldn't find any specific stats on bunting, but Maddux did have 180 sacrifice hits in his career.

1991 Ultra #26 Craig Worthington
Sometime you just miss the ball altogether. They call that a strike.

1993 Upper Deck #194 Omar Olivares
The worst looking bunt attempt I have on a card. It's probably not good when the ball just knocks the bat right out of your hands.


JediJeff said...

Oh man - I so need that first card for my bunting binder.

Ana Lu said...

Quite a collection.
Some bunt like they are playing cricket.

Backstop Cards said...

I wonder who has more "bunting" cards, Brett Butler or Steve Finley?