Sunday, June 9, 2013

100-Card Fairfield Repack

I picked up this package back in January but just got around to cataloging the cards. I'll keep buying these things as long as they keep producing cards I want. Recently I've seen a trend toward more recent cards and away from late 1980's junk. Which is fine with me.

1981 Topps #291 Aurelio Lopez
The oldest card in the pack. Early 1980s cards are always welcome. Whatever possessed Topps to put pink borders on baseball cards?

1991 Topps #675 Tom Brunansky
If memory serves me, 1991 was the first year that Topps had a mixture of horizontal and vertical oriented cards. This is a good example of a horizontal card.

1991 Upper Deck #783 Devon White
There is almost always a selection of early 1990s Upper Deck cards in these packs. Someday I will have an entire set of 1990, 1991, and 1992 Upper Decks simply by buying repacks. Good running bunt photo.

1992 Pinnacle #367 Brian McRae
Another good bunt photo. This looks like it ended up as a pop-up.

1992 Topps Gold Winner #120 Alan Trammel
In 1992, the base Topps set had two parallels, Topps Gold and Topps Gold Winner. Topps Gold came randomly inserted in packs. Gold Winner was obtained by a mail-in redemption. These were the first regular Topps cards to feature gold foil.

1993 Fleer ProCards #203 Glenn Hubbard
I've never seen a card from this set. That's another thing I like about the repacks, getting stuff I don't have that would otherwise be hard to find. This goes right into the Reference Album.

1997 Sports Illustrated #176 Hideo Nomo
This is only the 3rd card I've gotten from this set and the other two I bought on eBay. This is a nice card for 4 cents.

2004 Just Prospects #2 Josh Anderson
Another minor league set I didn't have any cards from. And as I bonus, Anderson was in the Astro's farm system.

2005 Bowman Heritage #164 Rodrigo Lopez
I completely missed out on 2005 Bowman Heritage and only have a handful of cards from the set. Lopez was one of the top players in The Matrix.

2005 SP Authentic #1 A. J. Burnett
A main-stream set I didn't have any cards from. Another for the Reference Album. I actually have a Ryan Howard relic card from this set but no base cards.

2010 Topps #305 Juan Francisco
Another good example of a horizontally oriented card. I like the way the card design accommodates the photo.

2011 Topps Team Sets #ATL8 Nate McLouth
As far as I could tell, Topps did not produce these team sets in 2012. I used to always get the Astros and Phillies sets. You could always count on 1 or 2 players in the team set who weren't in the regular set. And sometimes, you'd get a different photo. This is the same photo as the base set.


jacobmrley said...

Topps mixed vertical and horizontal in 1973-74 (with 1971 as well). 1991 was the first time in a long time they did that. They gave done it mostly ever since.

buckstorecards said...

I picked up a Fairfield repack this morning, and it also contained the Josh Anderson card from the same set, albeit a silver parallel.

What are the odds?

night owl said...

If I got that Nomo card out of a repack I'd be jumping up and down for 3 hours. Very, very nice. Love that card.

Fuji said...

I've gotta find me that Nomo for my collection. Huge Fairfield score. The Hubbard coach card is pretty cool too.

jackplumstead said...

Wow. That is a pretty good 'repack'. A 2005 Bowman heritage as well -superb set.

capewood said...

@jacobmarley, thanks. I remembered that it was a big deal that the 1991 set had horizontal cards but couldn't remember if it was because it was the first time ever or the first time in awhile.

@nightowl and @fuji, yes the Nomo is sweet.

I've got two more of these repacks sitting on my desk waiting to be opened.

tim paine said...

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