Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013 Topps Archives - First Look

I liked this product last year and I like this year's version as well. Not enough to buy a whole lot of it but enough to buy a blaster and a few packs.

Like last year, the set consists of past Topps designs. The first 50 cards are from Topps 1972. I was pretty happy to pull Mike Schmidt from the box. The players are a mixed lot of current players, rookies and past players.

 The next 50 cards feature the 1982 "hockey stick" card design.

Cards 100-150 feature the 1985 design. 1985 was the first year as a adult that I collected cards so I always have a soft spot (in my head probably) for 1985 Topps.

And this is what they did for cards 150-200. I'm on record as saying that 1990 Topps is the ugliest Topps design. I didn't think we'd see cards featuring this design until 2039 Topps Heritage. But here we are. At least I pulled another Phillie.

 Cards 201-245 are the All-Time Fan Favorites subset. The cards are short-printed and feature multiple Topps years. The backs are from the original card of the player but the front photos are different (at least on this card). I pulled two of these. A curious thing is that their copyright date is 2012.

Again like last year, the insert sets feature different years or past insert sets.

This insert is based on the 1983 Topps All-Star subset. I got 4 of these.

I got one of these, four stamps on a card based on some 1969 insert I'm not familiar with. The card is perforated so you can separate it into four pieces without removing the stamps.

There is a parallel gold set, numbered to 199.

Then there is this weird thing based on a 1970's football design. This is the first Denny McLain card of any sort I own. I knew something about his career (last pitcher to win 30 games in a season) but not anything about his personal life (2 stints in prison!). Maybe it's that personal history that's kept him off other Topps retro issues but if so, why now?

And finally, the card that made the whole purchase worth it.

It was in the last pack I opened. Don't you love it when something like that happens?


night owl said...

I wouldn't know, that never happens to me.


Nice pull. I'm not crazy about the set, but I'll trade you for A-Gone goldy.

Alex Stuarts said...

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Mark Hoyle said...

The Denny McLain card is from the 1965 topps football set. The 1964 topps hockey set also looked like this

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