Friday, May 17, 2013

Random Cards From My Collection #44

Card #19484
2010 Topps #387 Josh Fields
Comments on the card: I kind of liked the big swoosh on these cards when I first saw them but find the set less to my liking these days
When acquired: 2010
How acquired: Paid $0.19 for 6 packs of Series 2 bought at Target
Player's season: Fields was a White Sox 1st round draft pick who made his major league debut with a home run in 2006. By 2010 he was with the Royals but only appeared in 13 games. He's been in the minors ever since. In fact, today he's with the Phillies farm club in Lehigh Valley.

Card #19028
1989 Donruss #485 Kevin Mitchell
Comments on the card: One of a series of crazy 1980's designs by Donruss.
When acquired: 2009
How acquired: Acquired in a box of 1989 Donruss along with a pile of other sports stuff at a church bazaar.
Player's season:1989 was Mitchell's biggest year. He hit .292 with 47 home runs and 125 RBIs. He was an All Star and the National League MVP. Oh, and the Giants won the World Series.

Card #3787
1994 Pinnacle #344 Bryan Harvey
Comments on the card: This was a real nice set. Glossy full bleed cards with good photography front and back.
When acquired: Don't know.
How acquired: Don't know.
Player's season: As a member of the first Marlins team in 1993, Harvey had an ERA of 1.70, appeared in 59 games, and saved 45 games. In 1994, he had an ERA of 5.23, appeared in only 10 games with 6 saves. He hardly pitched at all in 1995 and by 1996 he was injured and never returned.

Card #17967
2010 Topps #378 George Sherrill
Comments on the card: Go ahead and compare this to the 1994 Pinnacle. Seriously lacking.
When acquired: 2010
How acquired: Paid $0.26 for a blaster box of Series 2.
Player's season: Sherrill was a closer with the Orioles before the Dodgers got him in 2009. They appeared to be using him as a middle reliever, appearing in 65 games in 2010 but in only 36.1 innings.

Card #6994
2005 Skybox Autographics #13 Sammy Sosa
Comments on the card: Non-glossy cards featuring close-ups of the players on team colors and facsimile autographs in silver foil.
When acquired: Don't know but probably got it new.
How acquired: Don't know.
Player's season: A declining Sosa hit .221 with 14 home runs in 102 games for the Orioles.

Card #2660
2001 Greats of the Game Autographs Jim Bunning
Comments on the card: Non-glossy with an on-card auto. Great card.
When acquired: 2005
How acquired: Paid $8.50 in eBay.
Player's season: In 2005, Bunning was a US Senator from Kentucky.

Card #25623
1991 Donruss #760 Checklist
Comments on the card: Donruss continued the crazy through 1991.
When acquired: Don't know.
How acquired: Don't know.

Card #28657
2011 Topps Lineage #110 Thurman Munson
Comments on the card: I pretty much hated this set. The fronts and backs are very dull. It didn't help that about a third of the cards I got were badly miss cut.
When acquired: 2011
How acquired: Paid $0.35 for a blaster box from Target.
Player's season: Munson is the only Yankee ever to win both the Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player awards. Munson's career ended tragically in 1979 when he crashed his private plane and died from a broken neck.

Card #33061
2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects #85 Levi Michael

Comments on the card: 2012 was the first Bowman set in many years that I actually liked when they finally broke out of the long boring red and black theme.
When acquired: 2012
How acquired: Paid $0.31 for a 3-pack blister pack.
Player's season: The Twins #1 Draft Pick in 2011, Michael spent 2012 with the Twins single A team in Fort Myers, FL. For what it's worth, he hit .246 in 117 games.

Card #25971
1997 Upper Deck #201 Roberto Alomar
Comments on the card: A subset of 1997 Upper Deck featuring top players and references to their "international" backgrounds. Alomar was from the not-so-foreign country of Puerto Rico.
When acquired: Don't know
How acquired: Don't know
Player's season: 1997 was a pretty good year for Alomar. He hit .333 with 14 home runs and was an All Star. His playing time was limited by spending most of August on the DL.

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