Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2009 Topps A&G vs. 2009 Topps 206

I've mentioned before how disappointed I was in 2009 Topps 206. OK, it's been 4 years so maybe I should get over it, but I keep finding reasons to be disappointed. I was recently scanning 2009 Allen and Ginter cards. While I was doing this I kept noticing similarities to 2009 Topps 206 cards. Take these Rich Harden cards for example.

On close examination, these probably aren't the exact same pictures but they are real close. Close enough in fact that the one might be a photoshopped version of the other. But what about this pair?

Cropped differently as with the Harden pair but I think these are exactly the same image. And one more.

OK, so only 3 cards. For one thing, I don't own more than half of either of these sets so there are probably more. For another think, why should there be any?


night owl said...

I much prefer the A&G versions.

mr haverkamp said...

Felt the same way initially in 2009, but when the 2010 T206 ridiculous 'hatless' set came out, I felt that 2009 looked pretty great by comparison! Tks for posting the 'shared' photos btw sets.