Monday, May 6, 2013

Random Cards From My Collection #43

Card #35769
2012 Topps Update #291 Jesus Montero
Comments on the card: In the 2012 Update set, Topps featured 2 cards for most rookies. One a regular card, the other with the player's debut date, like this one.
When acquired: 2012
How acquired: Paid $0.14 in a rack box bought at Target
Player's season: Montero came up in September for the Yankees, hit .348 in 18 games and hit 4 home runs.

Card #22819
1989 Score #493 Al Newman
Comments on the card: Score's second year of production, the cards looked pretty much like the 1988 set. Weird color combinations, but nice photography with a large color photo on the back.
When acquired: 2010
How acquired: Paid $0.04 in a Fairfield repack.
Player's season: Al had his best season as a hitter in 1989, hitting .253 in 141 games.

Card #35186
2004 Topps #434 Doug Glanville
Comments on the card: Nice set from Topps. I always liked how the player image is repeated in silver foil in the lower left corner.
When acquired: Don't know
How acquired: Don't know.
Player's season: Glanville had 5 pretty good seasons with the Phillies in 1998-2002. He came back to the Phillies in 2004, appeared in 87 games and was released at the end of the season. It was his last.

Card #28394
2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini #340 Ryan Zimmerman
Comments on the card: In 2011, Allen and Ginter started taking a turn toward the ornate.
When acquired: 2011
How acquired: Paid $0.45 cents in a rack pack.
Player's season: Zimmerman spent 2 months on the DL in 2011, limiting his playing time to 101 games.

Card #7055
2001 Topps Traded #1 Barry Bonds
Comments on the card: For their 50th anniversary, Topps included a lot of prior season reprint cards. This is a reprint from the 1993 set, Bond's first year with the Giants.
When acquired: 2001
How acquired: Paid $0.23 in a hobby box
Player's season: Of course, 2001 was a monster year for Bonds when he hit 73 home runs, setting (maybe) a new season high total for HR.

Card #19882
2010 Topps 206 #157 Edinson Volquez
Comments on the card: I was really disappointed in 2009 Topps 206. The 2010 issue was much better in my opinion.
When acquired: 2010
How acquired: Paid $0.45 in a blaster box from Target.
Player's season: 2010 was a tough year for Volquez. He started the season with a 50-game suspension for using performance enhancing drugs. When he finally came back he didn't perform well and was demoted to single A.

Card # 35840
2012 Topps Chrome #55 Paul Konerko
Comments on the card: It's Topps Chrome! It's shiny
When acquired: 2012
How acquired: Paid $0.68 in a rack pack from Walmart.
Player's season: In his 16th year, Konerko had an excellent season. He hit 0.298 in 144 games with 26 home runs.

Card #251
1991 Studio #145 Tom Glavine

Comments on the card: What a great idea, feature players photographs taken in a studio!
When acquired: Don't know.
How acquired: Don't know.
Player's season: 20 wins (the first of three straight years with 20 or more wins) and a Cy Young Award. He was an All-Star and the Braves went to the World Series.

Card #20045
1990 Topps Big #136 Pat Combs

Comments on the card: Slightly over-sized cards which didn't catch on with collectors. I never saw these for sale when they were new.
When acquired: 2003
How acquired: I bought 57 packs on eBay at $0.03 per card.
Player's season: Combs' best year of his 4-year career by far. He was 10-10 with a 4.90 ERA for a pretty terrible Phillies team.

Card #28455
2011 Topps Allen & Ginter #218 Bobby Abreu
Comments on the card:  The full sized version of the set from earlier in the post.
When acquired: 2011
How acquired: Paid $0.45  in a hobby box.
Player's season: Abreu has a .292 career batting average. 2011 was the second year in a row with an offensive decline for him. He hit .253 with only 8 homers for the season.

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